Red Couch at IOC
Red Couch at IOC


Ela Kinowska and Peter Sobierjki of Elpio Productions are talking to Canadians and asking for opinions on what Canada means to them.  It’s all part of the Canada 150 celebrations and all done from the comfort of the official Canada 150 red couch!  Ela and Peter and the couch are a team of 3 in the nationwide Red Couch Tour.  On May 24th and 25th, all three made their way to Labrador West to talk to residents about their feelings about Canada.



Joan Stamp on the Red Couch
Joan Stamp on the Red Couch

 In a total of 12 hours approximately 45 people took a seat and shared their stories, feelings and of course, a few laughs.  The red couch was placed in front of IOC’s massive haul truck, at the JRS Middle School Library, Gateway Labrador, Centennial Park and finally, Jean Lake.  Some of the guests included: MHA’s Graham Letto and Perry Trimper, long time and beloved resident of Labrador City, Mrs. Joan Stamp, Mayors Karen Oldford and Colin Vardy, well known resident and pioneer of Wabush, Tom Riggs and many more residents who came forward to share their thoughts on what Canada means to them. 



Elpio Productions also visited Churchill Falls and Happy Valley – Goose Bay.


The Red Couch Tour hit J.R. Smallwood Middle School during their visit to Labrador West.  Here are a couple of videos from that visit:

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