During the Canada Day Long Weekend, The Great Canadian Life Project team hosted the Spirit of Labrador Cultural Celebrations.

The celebrations brought together people from all over Labrador to celebrate Indigenous culture and how its influence shaped the lives of all people in Labrador in the past and how it continues to influence us today. With the help of our sponsors and partners in this event, we were able to bring together a wonderful variety of talented artists, crafters and musicians. Also invited was the Labrador Institute, the Labrador Heritage Society- Height of Land Branch, the Labrador Heritage Society of North West River, the Aboriginal Service Center and Them Days.


Creating a Tradional Hunting Shelter

Creating a Tradional Hunting Shelter


Our weekend was kicked off with a Meet and Greet at Gateway Labrador. We invited Sherry Penney of the Aboriginal Service Center to Light the Kudlik and say an opening prayer to officially start the event. Next greeting were brought to the opening by the office of MP Yvonne Jones, MHA Graham Letto, Kelly Nippard Broomfield of the NunatuKavut Government, Randy Letto of Destination Labrador, Jordon Brown of the Labrador Heritage Society- Height of Land Branch and Tracey West President of Gateway Labrador. After a beautiful performance by the Jacinda Beals Band all guests enjoyed the Indigenous catering menu courtesy Vera Flannigan.

Spirit of Labrador Cultural Celebration

Spirit of Labrador Cultural Celebration

Saturday we gathered for the Circle of Friends Celebrations, where artists, crafters and musicians to showcase Indigenous culture from all over Labrador. On the stage we heard the talents of Twin City Ramblers, Wendy Jo Parsons, Jack Brennan and Tiffany Brinston, Richard Neville and the Jacinda Beals Band. Marty Byrne and Monika Rumbolt entertained the children and the children at heart with shadow puppets and ‘The Tale of the Shadow Monster’. The children loved it so much they added more showing to accommodate the demand! A special treat to the event was Tobin’s Convenience who provided food and snacks for attendees.


Sherry Penney Lighting the Kudlik

Sherry Penney Lighting the Kudlik


Throughout the day the public was able to stroll through the Bill Chaplin Arena to view and purchase the beautiful displays of art and crafts. There to display their work were:
•    Whitney Andrews Rich- Basket Weaver
•    Sarah Jensen – Crafter
•    Audrey Party- Crafter
•    Pauline Elson- Crafter
•    Charlene Rumbolt- Painter
•    Nina Gillespie- Seal Skin crafter
•    Sewmany Furs
•    Monika Rumbolt- C3 ambassador  and crafter
•    Jordon Brown and Kent Tarrent of the Labrador Heritage Society/Height of Land Branch
•    Sherry Penney of the Aboriginal Service Center- Crafter
•    Martha Macdonald and Karen Pottle-Fewer
•    Ernie Maclean of the Labrador Heritage Society
•    Shana Burgess- Photographer
•    Janice Goudie with Them Days
•    Jeannie Nuna on behalf of Angela Andrews- Tea Dolls
•    Lianna Rice with the Labrador Youth Council


Traditional Labrador Crafts

Traditional Labrador Crafts


Thank you to Whitney Andrews Rich and Pauline Elson for holding crafting demonstrations to the public.
On Sunday Gateway Labrador hosted a Crafting Workshop. Sherry Penney and Sherry Gallant instructed 20 eager ladies on seal skin crafts by helping them make seal skin bracelets and mini mukluks. Thank you very much ladies for this great experience.


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