Welcome to The Great Canadian Life Project!  2017 marked Canada’s 150th anniversary and we helped celebrate it with you Labrador!

Canada 150
Canada 150

Labrador boasts a rich history and a unique culture that helps shape the cultural fabric of our great nation.  Showcasing the traditions and beauty of the Big Land and celebrating our Labrador roots is what the Great Canadian Project Life is all about!  2017 was a year-long celebration of events, activities and exhibitions that focused on the 4 main themes of Canada 150.


•    Youth – Many great activities to engage young people to get out, learn and have fun!
•    Inclusion and Diversity – The Great Canadian Life Project is about the community, bringing unity and togetherness for all!
•    Reconciliation with Indigenous People – Cultural based activities and expos in celebration of Labrador’s indigenous communities.
•    Environment – Outdoor activities and embracing where we live and the beauty that surrounds us

So let’s get out and celebrate the region and the country we live in.  This is our Great Canadian Life!

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Check out some of the following Canada 150 Celebrations which took place here in Labrador West!


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