As a self-taught Photographer and outdoor enthusiast, Larry looks to the natural beauty that surrounds him for a limitless supply of inspiration and adventure.

Larry spends a lot of his spare time toting his camera gear around the countryside near his hometown of Labrador City, NL, capturing and sharing his vision of the natural landscape.  And while the natural landscape features prominently in his photographs, his passion is the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), spending many late nights waiting for the "lights" to work their magic.

Larry Jenkins - In My Element
Larry Jenkins - In My Element

The unique landscape of Labrador West attracted Larry when he first came to Labrador more than 40 years ago, and it still does today.

When asked, Larry doesn't remember when he didn't have an interest in photography, from carrying his mother's old box camera wherever he went, to practically torturing his two children with hours of "formal" black and white portrait shots under blazing makeshift lights.  He would spend hours developing and printing his own pictures in a small dark room in his basement.  Larry also ran a Photo Club and darkroom for students at the High School where he taught and retired from many years ago.

We asked Larry is he ever tired of Photography, his response:  "I never grow tired of photographing this part of the Big Land!  A land of woods and snow, scenic lakes and vast open spaces.  For this is the land of brilliant sunshine, striking sunsets, and of course, the Northern Lights, 'The Greatest Natural Light Show on Earth'!"

If you are interested in purchasing one of Larry's Photographs, please contact him using our Contact Page

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