Labrador City, NL Canada, March 20, 2017

Music to Cope Inuit Drumming and Throat Singing


Youth Drumming Group
Youth Drumming Group

March 18th and 19th local youth partook in a wonderful cultural event that will benefit themselves and the community for years to come.  Music to Cope is a weekend workshop that was designed to teach local youth about the Inuit tradition of drumming and throat singing and how music can be used as a coping mechanism in stressful situations.  Being a young person today is not easy and it seems stressors are around every corner.  Whether it is a situation at school, at home, at work, among peers or within oneself, youth today often struggle with how to deal with life’s curveballs. 

This workshop is about, health and wellness as much as it is about cultural preservation and awareness.  In partnership with NunatuKavut and the Aboriginal Service Centre, Music to Cope was facilitated by skilled drummer and throat singer Amanda Earle from Happy Valley- Goose Bay.  The weekend included lunch for participants, detailed instruction with hands on learning in drumming and throat singing, a snowmobile safety session facilitated by Gateway Labrador and a coping session delivered by a health care professional from Labrador Grenfell Health’s mental health and addictions department.  With local youth now equipped with new skills in this beloved Inuit tradition, together they will form a local drumming group for upcoming events within the community.  We look forward to seeing them perform at future Canada 150 events.


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