Hiking Labrador West

Jean Lake Walking Trail

Developed in 1980, this 5km trail around Jean Lake is the main walking/hiking trail in Wabush. This trail is groomed gravel oh half and the other half is true hiking through woods on dirt trails. The groomed trail is wheelchair accessible for roughly 2 km. The ungroomed side is great for the outdoor enthusiast looking to get out in nature. Wabush residents take great pride in Jean Lake and have added many picnic tables, benches and custom designed squirrel log cabins along the trail. See how many you can find!

Jean Lake Walking Trail

Tanya Walking Trail

This trail is a 2 km fully groomed gravel trail that is wheelchair accessible. It has a couple of rest spots, and areas where one can overlook the lake. Tanya Lake park area has a sandy beach area, volleyball net, large grassy area, picnic tables and benches.  


Tanya Walking Trail In Fall    Tanya Lake Walking Trail

Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls is a very short walk from Highway 500 but from the mall you can make it a bit over 8 km and it is pretty when you get there. The old Duley Lake Road starting from White Wolf Snowmobile Club can lead to Crystal Falls but you have to cross a couple of rivers with long gone bridges. This is used a lot in winter as an unofficial snowmobile trail so is packed hard enough to walk or snowshoe.

Crystal Falls


Menihek Walking Trail
Menihek Walking Trail



Menihek Walking Trail
Menihek Walking Trail


Rex Channell
Stopped by the Gateway Labrador for information about the area, ended up Spending 3 Days there, The...
Jefrey Calin
I had really nice time in Labrador City, thumbs up for you!
Aiesha Scott-Morris
Wow, alot has changed since I left in 2000. i wish to come home and visit someday.

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